Excursion to Chernobyl abandoned zone and Prypyat (1day)

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Excursion to Chernobyl’s abandoned zone and Prypyat.

Guide services in English throughout the route!

Duration: 1 day

(dinner is included in the cost)

Tour Program:

Day 1

 8.00 Early departure from Kiev.10.30-11.00 Passing through the checkpoint "Dityatki" on the verge of a 30-kilometer zone (which is exclusion zone and the zone of mandatory resettlement), passport control, receiving instructions for compliance with radiation safety rules and having an informative conversation with a specialist of the State Enterprise "COTIZ" (Center of organizational, technical and informational management of the exclusion zone)...Checking the presence and order of insurance documents. Note: During the conversation, visitors will receive brief information about the exclusion zone (including the Chernobyl NPP), its problems, and get acquainted with the main areas of work that are carried out in the exclusion zone by enterprises of the GAZO (State Agency Of Management of the Exclusion Zone). 11.30-14.00 Sightseeing trip to the 10-kilometer zone. Along the route:

- Chernobyl (monument to "Those Who Saved the World")
- Lelev checkpoint
 - transfer to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant through the village of Kopachi
- ChNPP detour
- stop at the observation deck of the Shelter Object ("Sarcophagus")
- visit to the viewing pavilion
 - trip to the "dead city" Pripyat
- tour around  Pripyat (without visiting the buildings)
- object "Chernobyl-2"
- checkpoint "Lelev" (dosimetric control)
- back to Chernobyl .

14.00 Overview of Chernobyl mausoleum (St. Ilyinsky temple, memorial complex "Star Polyn '", places of sedimentation of samples of equipment that took part in the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident).
16.00 Lunch in Chernobyl (ecological cleanliness of products is guaranteed).
16.45 Departure from Chernobyl.
17.00 Passing through the checkpoint "Dityatki".
19: 00-20: 00 Return to Kiev.

Cost of the program:

Prices are quoted in Dollars ($) per person:

GUARANTEED TOUR (from 2 people)! 
















 The price of program part includes:

  •  1 lunch
  •  Transportations during the tour
  •  Insurance for the time of tour
  •  English speaking guide service
  •  Excursions with a guide, who has being a participant of the liquidation.  


  •  Children under age of 18 are not allowed on the tour under any circumstances, even under supervision of their parents.
  •  It is very important to bring your passport with you, the same that you used to register for the tour, otherwise you will be denied entrance.
  •  It is strictly forbidden to wear open shoes and clothes, such as tank tops, shorts, slippers, skirts, t-shirts and any other pieces of clothes, that don’t cover your body fully. You should wear something comfortable and adjusted to the long walks.       
  •  It is also recommended to bring a sun screen, rain coat, hat or any other item, according to the weather conditions.  

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