Great Expedition “Kalipso” in Ukraine + sailing, rafting and speleological excursion

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Great Expedition "Kalipso" in Ukraine + sailing, rafting and speleological excursion

Route: Kiev - Medzhybizh Castle - photo-quest in Kamyanets-Podolskyi - a boat trip to Bakota – speleological excursion to the Mlynky cave - Verkhovyna - rafting on the Black Cheremosh – Rakhiv - Travel to Lake Brebeneskul by the SUV GAZ66 - geographical center of Europe - Seliyska cheese dairy - Iza - ostrich farm in Hust - Palanok castle - thermal bathing in Kosino - wine tasting in Berehove - fascinating quest in Lviv - sailing on the Shatsky Lakes - tunnel of love – Kiev

12 days/ 11 nights

Just imagine - 10 days of happiness and new discoveries:

photo-quest in Kamyanets-Podolskyi, phyto-tour, the boat trip along the Dniester canyon, overnight at Bakota, speleology entrance to the Mlynky cave, rafting on the Black Cheremosh, mysticism and magic of Hutsuls, skiing Carpathian by SUV GAZ 66, Lake Brebeneskul, the geographical center of Europe, tasting in the Seliyska cheese dairies, ostrich farm, Palanok castle, bathing in Kosino, wine tasting in Berehove, quest of the medieval city, safari by Shatsky Lakes, a boat trip on Lake Svitiaz with the yacht "NOON", the tunnel of love 

Expedition Program:

Day 1.

8:30  Arrival in Kiev,  Meet-and-greet at the airport, after that you will obtain a visa to Ukraine. Then  transfer to your hotel will be provided , followed by a breakfast and settling in. Also you will have some spare time  before your CITY-tour in Kiev will begin. We will start from Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, Bessarabskaya Square, Khreshchatyk street, Independence Square, Valery Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium, Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine, Mariinsky Park and Palace, Square Of Glory, Kievo- Pecherska Lavra, Mikhailovskaya Square and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, St. Sophia of Kiev, Golden Gate and other attractions of Kiev. Then we will proceed to Andreevsky descent (also known as Kiev’s Monmartr” and one of “must see” places in Kiev - Andreevskaya church. In the buildings, along the streets of "Kiev’s Montmartre", there are art galleries, exhibitions, theaters and art workshops. Numerous open air Ukrainian souvenir shops  can also be found there. Lunch in the Ukrainian folk style cafeDeparture for the excursion at the Museum of  Ukrainian Architecture and Lifestyle  "Pirogovo". "All of Ukraine in one day" – that is how you can characterize the visit to this museum in the open air. Here, among the picturesque landscape, you will be lucky to find out what distinguishes the Carpathians from Polissya, Podillya from Transcarpathia, etc. Ukrainian huts, mills, churches, household items, handcrafted souvenirs - all this will open up for you the soul of  Ukrainian people. You will have an opportunity to look at the spinning potter's wheel, to visit  "shinok" (Ukrainian pub) or "kulishna" (Ukrainian soup place), to go for the horse ride around countryside for some fresh Ukrainian air and great photos to remember! Return to Kiev. Delicious dinner at a cafe. Return to hotel. Overnight.

Day 2.

Breakfast in the hotel. Since the morning we will go on an excursion to the National Museum "Chernobyl". April 26th, 1986, the largest technogenic radioecological disaster of our time had occurred - a nuclear accident at the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The purpose of the museum's exposition is to help mankind to comprehend the Chernobyl accident as a real factor of the possible death of our civilization, to learn the lessons of the tragedy in all spheres of life, to prevent the world from forgetting these lessons, and to become a warning to the generations of the next millennium. A lot of materials presented in the museum were published for the first time - documents, maps with the stamp " Top Secret", photographs. All these unique exhibits, including relics from the exclusion zone (old icons, folk art, local crafts representing day to day  life of the inhabitants of Ukrainian Polesye), and the personal belongings of the liquidators – will make you to think about the most painful problems of the present, including environmental, social, spiritual losses , caused by a catastrophe. Then you will pay a visit to one of the most famous symbols of Kiev and Ukraine - the monument "Motherland" - Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. A colossal 62-meter statue of Motherland (102 m with pedestal) is made of special stainless steel and assembled with a special crane. The memorial complex "Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II" occupies 10 hectares on the hill of the right bank of the Dnieper. It consists of a giant bowl of the Eternal Flame, an exhibition of military equipment from the times of World War II, as well as post-war years, the alley of the Heroic Cities. Along the slopes of the Dnieper lays the front alley, which goes to the gallery of the Main Entrance leading to the square and the museum itself. The sculptures of the gallery embody the heroic defense of the USSR border from the German attack, the horrors of the German occupation, the guerrilla struggle, the labor feat of the rear, the battle for the Dnieper. Lunch in the city cafe. The day will not be complete if we won’t go to the park "Kievan Rus". Ancient Kiev in Amusement Park “Kievan Rus" is the unique and inimitable place in the world, where  one of the most famous and at the same time the most mysterious medieval cities of Eastern Europe - Ancient Kiev (V-XIII centuries), the capital of the great medieval state - Kievan Rus,  was reconstructed. It matches the sizes of its historical center, known as Detinets of Kiev or the City of Vladimir. Its architectural image and the atmosphere of Kievan Rus was recreated fully, at a scale of 1:1, taking into account the knowledge of modern science.  Dinner at the Oriental cafe or Country Complex "Partizan". Transfer to hotel.

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Day 3.

Departure from Kiev by bus or car. Our first stop is at MedzhybizhMedzhybizh Fortress is an ancient defensive fortification  located on the confluence of the rivers Buzhok and Southern Bug. That is why this village has such unusual name. The fortress in this place existed in the XIII century. Fortress length is 130 m, the highest point is 17 m, and the thickness of the individual walls is up to 4 m. Then we have the city on a stone - Kamyanets-Podolskyi and the Old Fortress. In this wonderful city we are waiting for an exciting photo-quest. Satisfied and happy we go for the night to the hotel.  

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Day 4.

This day will bring you a lot of emotions! After all, we're going to Bakota overnight! City which is not on the map. By the way, we will have a unique phyto-tasting tour. Then we will visit the mountain monastery, also, will go down to the shore and we will sail by the boat to the camp "Teremky". You will see the indescribable beauty of landscapes of the Dniester canyon (optional). The Dniester Canyon is a geological wonder of nature. After that, at your will,  we might have: the fresh-soup (fish soup), barbecue, swimming through the canyon to admire indescribable beauty of nature. 

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Day 5.

Morning departure to Mlynky. The great experiences  are waiting for us!! 🙂 Namely – speleological excursion to the Mlynky cave: Northern District (approximately 3 hours). The route of the first level of complexity "To the North". You will have a look at the technique of movement in the cave and you will learn to distinguish between the gallery and halls, then you will see the crystals and bladed gypsum, and also you will pass one of the pinch point of the cave - hole "Devil's throat". Dinner. With unforgettable impressions we go to Verkhovyna to have a good rest.  

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Day 6.

After a delicious breakfast, we are going to have an active rest! A fascinating rafting along the Black Cheremosh is waiting for us optional). Rafting takes place in the most extreme section of the river, where there are the main rapids of the Black Cheremosh. Rafting will be an unforgettable addition to our trip. After a delicious lunch we will rest spiritually (optional). We will visit the Museum of Hutsul life and we will listen to the music of the national musical instruments. Then we will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of unexpected ringing  bells and the sounds of creaking floor, and also we will learn a lot of interesting information about the ancient culture of the Carpathians molfar (Ukrainian witcher). You will hear unique Hutsul stories about the magic and molfars, their extraordinary abilities and secrets. And this is just the beginning ...)) Because the meeting with molfar is waiting for us later))) This day will be remembered forever! We go back to the hotel for the night.  


Day 7.

Early in the morning, we will have breakfast and  will go to Rakhiv in search of adventure. And we will go by GAZ 66This is kind of SUV for the Carpathians, which is also called "Hummer". Ahead - Lake Brebeneskul awaits for us, the alpine lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians, located  at 1801 m above the sea level. By the way we will stop at the mineral wellspring and in the Lemska valley to find out how  polonyna farming is done  in the highlands. From that place to Lake Brebeneskul we will go on foot. The road runs along the picturesque stream with numerous cascades, with a variety of alpine vegetation. Then we will taste the Carpathians dishes for a picnic in the mountains. After an impressive day, tired but happy, we're going to the hotel.  

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Day 8.

After tasty breakfast we go in the search of adventure. By the way, we make a stop in the village Delovoye. It's the geographical center of Europe. Then we will go for a cheese tasting in the Farm dairies. We are going to visit the Nizhneye Selishche, where we can see how  the real Carpathians cheeses are made. Get ready for a delicious tasting! 🙂 Then we go to Iza. This village is known all over Ukraine for its craftsmen of willow weaving, where you can buy stylish wicker basket as a souvenir. One of the interesting places in the Carpathians region is the Ostrich Farmwhere we go next. We can not only admire those funny birds with the heads of the chicks. You can feed the birds, which would look at you with their big black eyes. And you can even pet the little ones. Ostriches are almost omnivorous, and you can give them not only grass, but also bread, the apples and other products. After a busy day, relax in the cozy hotel in Mukachevo.  

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Day 9.

After breakfast, today we are waiting for holidays in “all inclusive” format. our morning  we  will start as the kings with a walk through Palanok castle. After this trip we will go to the famous thermal swimming in Kosino (optional). Thermal waters in Kosino have a unique structure, so they are known for their healing characteristics. After swimming, we delve into the fascinating world of"Chizay" wines in Beregovo (optional). You can visit the wine warehouse, try to be a part of the mystery of the production of precious drink and get acquainted with the winery products in specialized tasting room. Just relax! :))  

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Day 10.

We will have breakfast and will depart to Lviv. This is the city-gift and city-mystery at the same time. It's the gift because the King Danilo Galitsky presented this city to his eldest son Leo on his wedding.  And it's the mystery, because it is no matter how many times you have been there and how well you know this city, Lviv still keeps its secrets. And it opens them only for the most attentive. What we will try to do today?  The unique questof this medieval city is awaiting us. we are going to check in to the hotel and then  we walk and party until the dawn, because Lviv is beautiful at night!  

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Day 11.

After the breakfast at the hotel we will go to the Shatsky LakesThere we are going for a safari! You will be able to see the wildlife of the Shatsky Lakes. Everything will be like in the real rally route , because the major part of our jorney  will  go across the ground, forest roads and swamps. But do not worry - it will be very interesting, because you will see dozens of lakes, each of which will impress you with their unique landscapes. We guarantee you a good impressions, great photos and meetings with the new friends! And all of this with pleasant memories will stay with you forever!  

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Day 12.

We will have breakfast and enjoy our vacation, which comes to an end. For those who want: we invite you to take a boat trip around the  Lake Svitiaz with the yacht "NOON", during which you will hear stories about the lake, the history of its origin, legends, and some interesting facts about the island on Lake Svitiaz. You can also take a walk around the island and enjoy the spectacular views. Captain of the yacht is the experienced skipper, who has been repeatedly going to the seas and oceans, with the years of experience. After the excursion we will have lunch and go home. On our  way, we will visit the tunnel of love - the most romantic place in Ukraine. It seems that here a landscape designer has worked - green walls look like a work of art. After seeing it you will realize,  that the best architect is nature! Ukraine rocks!Upon the end of our tour you will take home unforgettable experiences, incredible adventures, and new and fun photos!  

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* Accommodation in Bakota, park-hotel "Teremky" - possible settlement in 3-4 bed rooms

The cost of the tour in US dollars per person:












Hotels 3 *
Raziohotel Yamskaya 3* - Kyiv
Hotel Chain “7 Days”, Kamianets - Podilskyi
Park-hotel "Teremki",Bakota
Verhovel Hotel Verhovyna
Rakhiv Hotel & Apartments,  Rakhiv
Premier Hotel StarMykachevo
Modern Art Hotel 3*Lviv
Galicky Dvir HotelShatsky ozera






Hotels4 *
BAKKARA 4* - Kyiv
Kleopatra 4 Kamianets - Podilskyi Park-hotel "Teremki", Bakota
Verhovel Hotel , Verhovyna
 Rakhiv Hotel & Apartments,  Rakhiv
Premier Hotel Star, Mykachevo
Premier Hotel Dnister 4* - Lviv
Galicky Dvir Hotel, Shatsky ozera 






Hotels 4 * +
Cosmopolite 4*+ - Kyiv
Kleopatra 4*Kamianets - Podilskyi
Park-hotel "Teremki", Bakota
Verhovel HotelVerhovyna
 Rakhiv Hotel & Apartments,  Rakhiv
Premier Hotel StarMykachevo
Galicky Dvir HotelShatsky ozera






 Hotels 5 *
Fairmont Grand Hotel 5* – Kyiv
Kleopatra 4*Kamianets - Podilskyi
Park-hotel "Teremki", Bakota
Verhovel HotelVerhovyna
 Rakhiv Hotel & Apartments,  Rakhiv
Premier Hotel StarMykachevo
Astoria Hotel 5* Lviv
Galicky Dvir HotelShatsky ozera 






 The price includes: 

• Travel by bus along the route;
• Accommodation (9 nights);
• Breakfast in the hotels;
• excursion program: Medzhibizh, Kamyanets-Podolskyi, Bakota, Verkhovyna, Iza, Mukachevo, the Shatsky Lakes, Klevan;
• Photo-quests for the program;
• Phyto-excursion with wine tasting;
• speleology entrance to the Mlynky cave  (with lunch);
• excursions to the Lake Brebeneskul (with lunch);
• tasting in Seliyska cheese dairies;
• excursion program on the ostrich farm;
• safari the Shatsky Lakes;• yachting by «NOON»;
• English speaking guide  

The price does not include:

• tickets to the museums and castles on programme (Medzhibizh Fortress in Kamyanets-Podolskyi, Bakota, the Museum of Hutsul life by Roman Kumlyk, the Hutsul magic museum, the Palanok Castle);
• boat trip;
• rafting on the Black Cheremosh;
• Lunch on the nature after the rafting;
• swimming in Kosino;
• wine tour "Chizay";
• Additional catering (lunch, dinner);
• personal expenses 

We wait for you in Ukraine!

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