Weekend in Ukraine: Kiev + Odessa

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Weekend in Ukraine: Kiev + Odessa

Your sunny “all inclusive” holidays !

Durationdays /3 nights

 Kiev: Excursion around Kiev - Kievo-Pecherska Lavra - Andreevsky Descent - dinner at the Ukrainian folk style café - Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Lifestyle  "Pirogovo" - dinner at the cafe - National Museum "Chernobyl" - monument "Motherland" and Museum of History of Ukraine In the Second World War - park "Kievan Rus" - dinner in the cafe of oriental cuisine or at the countryside complex "Partizan"  

Odessa: Sightseeing tour in Odessa - lunch at a seafood restaurant - excursion "Odessa farmer market  Privoz and catacombs" - dinner at a restaurant on the beach - excursion to Belgorod - Dniester fortress - lunch in the city cafe - excursion and wine tasting at the "Culture and Wines of Shabo » center


Day 1st

8:30  Arrival in Kiev,  Meet-and-greet at the airport, after that you will obtain a visa to Ukraine. Then  transfer to your hotel will be provided , followed by a breakfast and settling in. Also you will have some spare time  before your CITY-tour in Kiev will begin. We will start from Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, Bessarabskaya Square, Khreshchatyk street, Independence Square, Valery Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium, Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine, Mariinsky Park and Palace, Square Of Glory, Kievo- Pecherska Lavra, Mikhailovskaya Square and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, St. Sophia of Kiev, Golden Gate and other attractions of Kiev. Then we will proceed to Andreevsky descent (also known as Kiev’s Monmartr” and one of “must see” places in Kiev - Andreevskaya church. In the buildings, along the streets of "Kiev’s Montmartre", there are art galleries, exhibitions, theaters and art workshops. Numerous open air Ukrainian souvenir shops  can also be found there. Lunch in the Ukrainian folk style cafe. Departure for the excursion at the Museum of  Ukrainian Architecture and Lifestyle  "Pirogovo". "All of Ukraine in one day" – that is how you can characterize the visit to this museum in the open air. Here, among the picturesque landscape, you will be lucky to find out what distinguishes the Carpathians from Polissya, Podillya from Transcarpathia, etc. Ukrainian huts, mills, churches, household items, handcrafted souvenirs - all this will open up for you the soul of  Ukrainian people. You will have an opportunity to look at the spinning potter's wheel, to visit  "shinok" (Ukrainian pub) or "kulishna" (Ukrainian soup place), to go for the horse ride around countryside for some fresh Ukrainian air and great photos to remember! Return to Kiev. Delicious dinner at the cafe. Return to hotel. Overnight.

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Day 2nd

Breakfast in the hotel.Since the morning we will go on an excursion to the National Museum "Chernobyl". April 26th, 1986, the largest technogenic radioecological disaster of our time had occurred - a nuclear accident at the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The purpose of the museum's exposition is to help mankind to comprehend the Chernobyl accident as a real factor of the possible death of our civilization, to learn the lessons of the tragedy in all spheres of life, to prevent the world from forgetting these lessons, and to become a warning to the generations of the next millennium. A lot of materials presented in the museum were published for the first time - documents, maps with the stamp " Top Secret", photographs. All these unique exhibits, including relics from the exclusion zone (old icons, folk art, local crafts representing day to day  life of the inhabitants of Ukrainian Polesye), and the personal belongings of the liquidators – will make you to think about the most painful problems of the present, including environmental, social, spiritual losses , caused by a catastrophe. Then you will pay a visit to one of the most famous symbols of Kiev and Ukraine - the monument "Motherland" - Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. A colossal 62-meter statue of Motherland (102 m with pedestal) is made of special stainless steel and assembled with a special crane. The memorial complex "Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II" occupies 10 hectares on the hill of the right bank of the Dnieper. It consists of a giant bowl of the Eternal Flame, an exhibition of military equipment from the times of World War II, as well as post-war years, the alley of the Heroic Cities. Along the slopes of the Dnieper lays the front alley, which goes to the gallery of the Main Entrance leading to the square and the museum itself. The sculptures of the gallery embody the heroic defense of the USSR border from the German attack, the horrors of the German occupation, the guerrilla struggle, the labor feat of the rear, the battle for the Dnieper. Lunch in the city cafe. The day will not be complete if we won’t go to the park "Kievan Rus". Ancient Kiev in Amusement Park “Kievan Rus" is the unique and inimitable place in the world, where  one of the most famous and at the same time the most mysterious medieval cities of Eastern Europe - Ancient Kiev (V-XIII centuries), the capital of the great medieval state - Kievan Rus,  was reconstructed. It matches the sizes of its historical center, known as Detinets of Kiev or the City of Vladimir. Its architectural image and the atmosphere of Kievan Rus was recreated fully, at a scale of 1:1, taking into account the knowledge of modern science.  Dinner at the Oriental cafe or Country Complex "Partizan".

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Day 3d

6:19 am Arrival in Odessa. Meet-and-greet at the railway station. Breakfast in the city cafe. Sity-tour in Odessa. You will walk along Deribasovskaya street and Primorsky Boulevard, admire the beauty of the Opera House, the building of the Odessa National Philharmony, the City Duma (city government house), the monument of Duke, Potemkin Stairs, Passage, the Palace of Earl M.S. Vorontsov. You will see the Odessa Savior-Transfiguration Cathedral, where miraculous icons are exhibited. No doubt you will be surprised by the "Mother-in-laws Bridge", and our guide will help you to solve its main mysteries. You will find out why and how the "One-Walled House" appeared in the city. You will visit the open-air museum "Corner of Old Odessa" and make a wish on the "Bridge of Brides". Cathedral , Catherine and Duma Squares will unveil their secrets for you as well. You will definitely have to visit the smallest square of the city - Square named after Ostap Bender, sit on the 12th chair, in which were hidden the treasures of Madame Petuhova, (reference to the book “12 chairs” by Ilf and Petrov). Also you can see the monument to the famous soviet singer Utyosov. (locals believe that giving  a hug to this monument or rubbing his  nose will bring you a good luck) . And at the end of the day, full of vivid impressions, you will have dinner at a seafood restaurant in the city. Check-in at the hotel followed by your spare time.Excursion "Odessa Farmers Market Privoz and catacombs". Odessa begins with Privoz: from here comes the Odessas cuisine, the enterprising spirit of local citizens and the legendary Odessa humor. We will meet in the meat row! Get a sense of real Odessa! But that is not all. We are going for the Odessa catacombs! Odessa catacombs are an amazing world of  underground mines of the 19th and early 20th centuries, located near Odessa and its suburbs. Odessa catacombs are a grandiose system of underground quarries partially connected among themselves in the form of a large labyrinth. A significant part of the image of the Odessa catacombs is associated with the role that it played during the Great Patriotic War, being a refuge of partisan detachments. Legendary fame of the catacombs of Odessa was acquired due to absolutely fantastic dimensions - the total length of the excavations is estimated by experts at 3000 kilometers, which leaves far behind the catacombs of Paris (500 km) and Rome (170 km). Dinner at the restaurant on the beach.  Return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

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Day 4th

Breakfast in the hotel.Excursion to Belgorod - Dniester fortress. The medieval fortress "Akkerman" on the banks of the Dniester firth is one of the largest and best preserved in Ukraine, its ancient towers store thousands of legends ... Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is the oldest city in Ukraine and one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Along with the world-famous Rome, Athens, Jerusalem - the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is one of the ten most ancient cities in the world.  2500 years of  history of this city will make this excursion to be remembered for a long time! Lunch in the city cafe. Excursion and wine tasting at the Center of ”Culture and Wine of Shabo". "Life is too short to drink bad wine" - French proverb. Therefore, we will visit the Wine Culture Center in Shabo to drink some good wine! Shabo is located on the same latitude as Provence,  Bordeaux and famous Swiss vineyards. And Shabo itself was founded by the Swiss, so they brought their winemaking culture safely here, to us.You will have a great opportunity to appreciate the richness of the bouquet of Shabian wines and to learn in detail the history of winemaking in Shabo. Return to Odessa. End of service. Airport transfer. Departure home.

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The prices are in US dollars ($) per person:

Guaranteed tour (minimum pax 2)!












Raziohotel Yamskaya 3*
Hotel Arcadia 3*






OK Odessa 4*






Cosmopolite 4*+
Mozart Hotel 4*+





361 $

Fairmont Grand Hotel 5*
Maristella Marine Residence 5*






 *the hotels maybe be replaced by accommodation of equal category

The price includes:  

  •  1 at the hotel of your choice in Kiev (early check in on day 1st) and 1 night at the hotel of your choice in Odessa
  •  4 breakfasts,  4 lunches, 3 dinners
  •   Transportation during the tour program
  •  English speaking guide service
  •  All the excursions mentioned in the program with entrance fees
  •  Transfers,  according to the the tour program, including railway tickets Kiev-Odessa (carriage, overnight train)

We invite you to visit Ukraine! 

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